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Not all Barbies are like that.

The Dolls Are In Storage But I'm Still Here

the legacy endures
5 August 1989
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In the coastal village of Barbie World, the men adopt their wives' surnames.

Rosa the Old Mermaid
Sandy the Old Dancer
Tiffany the Princess

Chelsea Jessica Peterson
Chelsea Jessica Peterson Jr
Ken Peterson
Cassandra "Dolly" Midgen
Courtney Midgen
Whitney Midgen
Becky Midgen

Layla Simone Mells
Shaunita Mells
Rosy the Blind
Kelly, Sister of Rosy the Blind
Ananda Bufanda

Glinda the Medicine Woman
Kendall the Cameraman
Jeff the Boy

Tori Burns
Racine Burns

Esmerelda the Gypsy
Queen Forsithia

Ariel and Eric

Angela Valentine
Doctor Valentine

Tommy the Child
Barb the Lunatic
Teri the Judge

Maria the Islander
Penny the Rider
Mabel the Horse
Mindy the Silent

Jen the Wise
Lindy the Pizza Girl
Gracie the Gymnast
Marla the Swimmer
Angelina the Scholar

Sandra Glow
Bellyn Glow
Julia Glow the Cat-woman


Please Peas
A Maine-Made Gift
The Boogatoosh (any of the tribes centered around the mystical matriarchal religion of Boogatoosh and who speak Boogatooshka and wear togas made out of Kleenex)
The Gray Ravines
The Underbed (Prison, Caves, and Wilderness)
Mount Red Leaf
The Kingdom of Marble (The largest and richest kingdom/settlement)
The Kingdom of Gold (watched over by The Golden Spirits, who communicate by rhythmically clicking their tongues: The Mother of Gold, The Baby of Gold, The Sister of Gold)
The Doll Hospital
The Gumdrop Temple
House of Sesame, later known as the Capp Mansion
The Backwoods
Midol's ("my-dolls," the depraved country of an uncaring dollowner)
Yellow Island
Pink Island
"The Curse on the House Next Door" (C-movie starring Chess after she went bankrupt)
CatRabbit ("Dag nabbit cat rabbit")
The Very First Attempt on Chelsea Peterson's Life (Oct. 31)
The End of BW
The Counsel (They have a government.)
The Mythology of the Bulb
Minnie the Crazy Poodle-Thing
John's Planet (A typical BW girl travels through space via the tunnel that connects her closet to the moon, where she meets an invisible boy.)
The Blondes (Popular sit-com about a family of blondes.)
The Christmas Gala at the Square (Concert to benefit dolls with shaky or fractured heads)
The Bulb: A Medical Perspective (Famous anatomy textbook)
Miller Supermarket (Old supermarket later bulldozed despite being a landmark)
Bart the Fartin' Dog ("tasteless" Saturday night variety show)
The World We Saved (Movie based on the lives of the first Boogatoosh followers)
The Country House and The Snork Place (Home of Dr. Snork and his roomates, a dog, a faun, and a highly intelligent human baby)


The Good Guys Who Are Good and the Bad Guys Who Are Bad
Brendan the Robot

Older Simba